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Hospitality Consultants
Third House Hospitality Consulting

We orchestrate experiences that connect people, enhance their lives, and benefit the greater community. 

Hospitality Consultants
Third House Hospitality Consultants

Who We Are

We are a boutique food + beverage consultancy built upon our passion for hospitality, creating dynamic guest experiences, and developing operationally sound, profitable businesses. As owners and operators with decades of experience, we specialize in providing conceptual, strategic, and operational development services to hospitality clients worldwide.


We believe that hospitality is the special sauce that is at the heart of all aspects of the guest experience — connecting brand and concept, service and design. It is not front of the house nor back of the house — it is THIRD HOUSE HOSPITALITY CONSULTING.

What We Do

We create concepts, develop strategic growth plans, and craft successful operational playbooks.


In order to successfully execute day-to-day operations, we know it requires high standards and sound management. From the inside out, our team understands how to build the necessary infrastructure for your operators to achieve top results every step of the way.

Success in 3 Stages

Concept development consulting

Concept Development

Growth Strategy Planning to map out a thoughtful path with clear steps to ensure successful and sustainable growth.

Market Analysis
Concept Ideation
Brand + Concept Development
Financial Modeling
Menu Ideation + Development
Layout + Space Planning
Design Team Coordination
Equipment Analysis + Layout
Value Engineering Support
Pre-Opening Coordination

Hospitality strategy consultants


To accurately see the big picture and measure financial goals against clear standards, allowing us to engineer profitable systems that deliver. 

Investment Pitch Deck
Trend Analysis + Development
Third Party Market Evaluation
Partner Outreach + Vetting
License/Lease Negotiation
Location Scouting + Site Selection
Service + Hospitality Seminars
Hospitality Design Seminars
Off-Premise Strategy
Growth Strategy

Restaurant Operations consulting


Deep Dive Assessment + Review
Concept Repositioning
Systems Development (SOPs)
Leadership Identification
Grand Opening Support
Ongoing Business Review
On-Site Service Training
Service + Culture Infrastructure
Tech Integration
Task Force Efforts

To provide the infrastructure to properly and successfully operate your business.

Worldwide Restaurant & Hotel Consultants

Where We've Been

Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco, CA

San Diego, CA

Washington, DC

Miami, FL

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Orlando, FL

Tampa Bay, FL

Atlanta, GA

Maui, HI

Chicago, IL

Boston, MA

Omaha, NE

Research Triangle Park, NC

Brooklyn, NY

New York City, NY

Columbus, OH

Portland, OR

Philadelphia, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

San Juan, PR

Nashville, TN

Austin, TX

Houston, TX

Waco, TX

Richmond, VA

Washington, VA

Seattle, WA

Bogotá, Colombia

San Jose, Costa Rica

Papagayo, Costa Rica

Paris, France

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Guadalajara, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico

Lima, Peru

Edinburgh, Scotland

Barcelona, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Marbella, Spain

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Santiago, Chile

Who We've Worked With

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